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"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."
- Margaret Atwood, The Edible Woman (via vetandas)


PLAGUED- a black death playlist; {listen}
i. when the sun rises in the west- ramin djawadi ii. the black plague- eric burdon & the animals iii. dead man’s bones- dead man’s bones iv. thanatos- soap&skin v. rome- susanne sundfør vi. death hanging (feat. siri nilsen & susanne sundfør)- susanna vii. pact sword in blood- mark streitenfeld viii. ring around the rosie- dead space ix. black poppies- cocorosie x. o death- jen titus

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܀ history meme ܀ seven dynastiesHouse of Medici {14 - 18 century} (2/7)

Originally from Tuscany (where a branch also remained), the Medici family rose in the 14th century, basing themselves mainly in the Republic of Florence through Cosimo de Medici. Their system of banking became the largest in Europe in the 15th century and allowed for them to become one of the most predominate families politically within Italy and abroad - with members becoming cardinals, popes and monarchs. They have become attributed as a dynasty that highlights the Italian Renaissance, making alliances with other houses such as the Sforza, Este, Gonzaga and Visconti and brought about a number of well known and influential men and women from within the family as well as ones under their patronage.  

Some notable figures: Cosimo de Medici, Lorenzo ‘the Magnificent’ de Medici, Pope Leo X, Catherine de Medici (Queen of France), Isabella de Medici, Marie de Medici (Queen of France). 


Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Romania.


history meme » 2/7 women » Khutulun

Born around 1260, Khutulun (also known as Aiyurug or Hotol Tsagaan) was the favoured daughter of the Central Asian ruler Kaidu Khan. Although Kaidu had fourteen sons, it was Khutulun upon whom he relied for support: She accompanied him on military campaigns, fought by his side against Kublai Khan, advised him and helped him to administer affairs of state. As a sign of her power and independence, Kaidu gave her a gergee, a medallion of office usually reserved exclusively for men.

Khutulun was described as having a large and powerful figure. She was skilled in the Mongol arts of horse riding, archery and wrestling, and was reportedly unbeatable at the latter, accumulating an impressive herd of horses through her many wrestling victories. According to Marco Polo, Khutulun refused to marry any man unless he could first defeat her in wrestling. Many tried, but all failed, and with each victory Khutulun’s herd of horses grew larger. She ultimately chose to marry, undefeated, in order to quash slanderous rumours of incest.

Khutulun was also a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Marco Polo described her riding at his father’s side until she perceived the right moment, at which point she would “make a dash at the host of the enemy, and seize some man thereout, as deftly as a hawk pounces on a bird, and carry him to her father; and this she did many a time.”

According to some accounts, Kaidu respected Khutulun so much that he attempted to have her named his successor as khan, to the outrage of her male relatives. The office ultimately went to Khutulun’s brother, Orus, with Khutulun herself expressing a preference for continuing as a military leader.

The circumstances of her death, in 1306, are unclear, with some sources claiming that she died in battle, while others report that she was assassinated.

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Pierre-Ambroise Richebourg - Armures Historiques de l’Arsenal de Tsarskoe-Selo, 1859 (by The Patrick Montgomery Collection)


HISTORY MEME - WORLD VERSION ♛ [01/07] pairings : Elizabeth I of England & Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (XVI)

Robert Dudley was counted among Elizabeth’s special friends by Philip II’s envoy to the English court a week before Queen Mary’s death. On 18 november 1558, the morning after Elizabeth’s accession, he witnessed the surrender of the Great Seal to her at Hatflield. He became Master of the Horse on the same day. As soon, rumours started to be spread on their relationship. In 1560, his wife died, an inquest was started but the jury found that it was an accident. Ironically, this death put an end to a possible secret wedding. In 1563, Elizabeth suggested him to marry Mary, Queen of Scots, but, offended, Mary refused it. Robert became Earl of Leicester. When he married Lettice Knollys, Elizabeth’s cousin, the Queen bannished him from court for a while. But she had never been able to be away from him. He stayed by his side until his very death. At his death, she stayed inside her rooms for hours, maybe days. She kept his last letter as a treasure until her own death.

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HISTORY MEME - FRANCE VERSION ♛ [01/07] objects : Eponine & Julius Sabinus (VII AD)

Julius Sabinus was an aristocratic Gaul of the Lingones at the time of the Batavian rebellion of AD 69. Benefiting from the period of disorders which shook the Roman Empire and the rebellion started on the Rhine by the Batavians, he started a revolt in Belgian Gaul. However, his badly organised forces were easily defeated by the Sequani who were still faithful to Rome. Following his defeat, he faked his own death by telling his servants that he intended to kill himself. He then burned down the villa in which he was staying. He went into hiding in a nearby cellar, known only to his wife Eponine and a few faithful servants. Eponine then lived a double-life for many years as his widow, while also on one occasion even visiting Rome with Sabinus disguised as a slave. She even gave birth to two sons by her “deceased” husband. Eventually, the deception became too obvious to continue unnoticed. In AD 78 Sabinus and Eponine were arrested and taken to Rome to be questioned by the emperor Vespasian. Her pleas for her husband were ignored. She then berated Vespasian to such an extent that he ordered her execution along with her husband. Plutarch later wrote that “In the whole of his reign no darker deed than this, none more odious in the sight of heaven, was committed”. Their sons were separated, one sent to Delphi and the other to Egypt.

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Private Security

William A. Pinkerton (center), Allan Pinkerton’s son, with railroad special agents Pat Connell (left) and Sam Finley in 1880. (Library of Congress)

An example of private security in the United States is the famous Pinkerton National Detective Agency, created by Allan Pinkerton during the midnineteenth century. It and other agencies of its kind were formed to fill the vacuum created by incipient public police forces in major cities. These were often tiny and corrupt. Pinkerton agents were employed as spies in the U.S. Civil War in the service of the Union, and they protected President Abraham Lincoln. After the war, they served industrialists in the numerous conflicts between corporate and labor interests during the emergence of the labor movement. 


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Held in Contempt: A North Korean Soldier Sticks Out His Tongue, 1951 

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