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hsitory september challenge; battles

patroclus convinced achilles to let him don achilles’ armor and lead the myrmidons into combat. in his lust for combat, patroclus pursued the trojans all the way back to the gates of troy, defying achilles’ order to break off combat once the ships were saved. patroclus killed many trojans and allies. patroclus was stunned by apollo, wounded by euphorbos, then finished off by hector. at the time of his death, patroclus had killed 53 enemy soldiers. after retrieving his body, achilles returned to battle and avenged his companion’s death by killing hector. achilles then desecrated hector’s body by dragging it behind his chariot instead of allowing the trojans to honorably dispose of it by burning it. achilles’ grief was great and for some time, he refused to dispose of patroclus’ body; but he was persuaded to do so by an apparition of patroclus, who told achilles he could not enter hades without a proper cremation. achilles sheared off his hair, and sacrificed horses, dogs, and twelve trojan captives before placing patroclus’ body on the funeral pyre. some believe achilles and patroclus to be comrades or cousins, but many believe they may have been lovers.
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